Lime sulfur question

I have a couple of questions on lime sulphur. First, is there any issue to getting this stuff on treated lumber or brick masonry? I have a grape trellised along an area that will result in getting the spray on these surfaces. I also have various plants around my brick garage that i’d like to spray.

Finally, is it OK to spray persimmons with lime sulphur?

I don’t know about the brick, but it’s OK on treated lumber. it does leave blueish spots, but no harm seems to come from that.

Coould you stick up some 6 mil poly over the brick and just remove it when you’re done?

Thanks for the response! I think I can keep it off the brick except for a grape I have against a wall. I may just skip the grape altogether or only spray areas that won’t contact the brick. I have some loose brick laying around and will test on those as well.

I have never seen any permanent discoloring from it. Maybe I was not looking carefully though. I think persimmons would not mind it, but there is no real reason to spray them that I know of, psylla is their only pest I have seen.

Thanks Scott. I saw some psylla damage on one of my trees last year and thought it might help against them?