Lime/Sulfur spray for Pluot, Plumcot trees?

I have a small mixed orchard of apple, peach, nectarine, sweet cherry, plum trees and asian pears. I also have a real nice plumcot tree that is mixed in amongst them. Since the lime/sulfur spray is clearly labeled not for apricot trees I am worried that my plumcot tree could be harmed by any drift of the lime/sulfur. How sensitive would the plumcot tree be to the spray since it is about 50% apricot? I have a couple of other pluot trees in another location also a couple hundred feet away that are of no concern.

Anyone have any advice.

almost all pluots can be categorized as basically Japanese plum dominant or apricot dominant (that is, you honestly can’t tell them apart from just being plain Japanese plums or plain apricots). the only oddballs are the ones that are like Japanese plums plus fuzzy skin, but those are pretty rare

most (all?) that are Japanese plum dominant can be treated like Japanese plums and have sulfur applied

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Thanks for the reply Richard and the welcome. Not being a gambler I guess it would be best to treat my pluot/plumcot trees the same as my apricot trees. I have a 4 variety pluot from Dave Wilson Nursery that was expensive and is in its third season. Had lots of fruit last year and has lots of flower buds this year so far. I also have a single budded Dave Wilson flavor heart pluot that is in its third season and should produce this year. They are on citation root stock.
My plumcot tree came from Stark’s and the fruit is the best. The tree was loaded last year and required heavy thinning. The fruit was oblong about the size of jumbo chicken eggs. They were multi colored red,yellow,purple with a juicy, crunchy yellow inside flesh. I crammed as many as I could in the fridge and we ate them for months. when they got soft we dried them. Best fruit ever. Unfortunately the wind blew off the plastic tags and I am unsure what the specifics are for the tree. Would sure love to
get another one like it.

I don’t use Lime-sulfur period, but it’s due to my being out west were the lime is a poor idea in our environment. However there are several members here back east including NY who use it with success – although I don’t know on what fruits. Hopefully they’ll chime in soon!

Agree that you should do what you think is best for your situation.

That said I have used lime-sulfur at delayed dormant spray on pluots without any issue.

My pluots behave mostly like firm, tasty plums.

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That sounds like a good one.So,no record about what the name is?I checked on Stark Bro’s website and the only Plumcot is Spring Satin,which doesn’t match the description of your fruit.

I looked up pictures of Spring Satin Plumcot and none of them resembled the fruit that my tree bears. I did see some variation in the fruit pictured and also in whether the fruit was freestone. My tree produces freestone fruit. I am pretty sure that I had ordered a Spring Satin. I will have to see if I can find my order form. What ever I have I am quite happy with the result. Guess I will have to get some root stock and learn how to graft. :grin:

I have a picture of part of last years crop to post if I can figure out the posting pictures process.

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Photo of a partial plumcot harvest from last summer.


those look like flavor grenade. elongated and the colors are right. was it fairly crunchy and relatively late season for plums?

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Yes, they are very crunchy, sweet and juicy. Not sure about their ripening time compared to plums or not. They are a little earlier than my NY9 prune trees. It all depends on what you call ripe. I grew up on a fruit farm and there is a big difference between harvest time and peak time for picking and eating time. I like tree ripened fruit. Most pears and some apples are a different animal. Those plumcots pictured were ready to eat right from the tree. No placing in a paper bag for a week needed.

I should have been more clear, “relatively late (for japanese plums)” which is what that is, it’s one of the latest you can get at retail in fact, it’s very late season (within fruit type). you can probably tag that tree flavor grenade