List of peach tree varieties that have different names?

Hey folks! Checking back in after months of being away (which seems to be my normal M.O. for the last 2 years!)

Anyhow, the quote below is from another thread. I didn’t realize that these peaches which have different names, are actually the same variety. Is there a master list, or website that lists other trees that have more than once name?

Oct '18

I believe folks have said on previous threads that Flavorich and Rich May are different names for the same variety."


Very few have the same names. I think you just listed them.

Stark brothers renames a lot of fruits. They started with Hawkeye apple and renamed Red Delicious.

Cripps Pink is the same as Pink Lady. There are others which have two names which I can’t think of now.

IL Paradise is right about the numerical names. Breeders stick with numerical names until they have selections worth releasing, then generally name them with what they think is a snazzy marketing name.

It gets a little dicey with trademarks and patents. I don’t remember the details but there is a legal reason Paul Friday mostly releases his varieties as numbers. It has to do with the minutiae of patents or trademarks, but I can’t remember the details.

Fruit Acres tests their peach varieties as numbers, but releases as named varieties. So sometimes they are referred to as FA-###. Sometimes they are referred to as the named variety (Stellar series). My wife and I sat with the owner of Hilltop Nursery at the MI expo, who shared with us some of the names they considered with the owners of Fruit Acres for their next FA release. Some of the names were pretty comical, and not very good. The next one coming out has a pretty good name, imo - RockStar. The peach was described with some nice characteristics. I’ll probably be trying it when some nurseries make it available.

I’d also like to try Fruit Acres fairly recent release - SweetStar. Has anyone here tried that one yet?


Thanks folks, great information!!