List your unknown fruit


I only had two plums/pluots remaining on my trees. They kept growing and stayed hard until this morning. I gave it an easy squeeze and I felt it give a little. Plan to cut it later today. All my other plums/pluots have been gone a long time. I don’t know what it is but I think it is a pretty fruit.


Fantastic taste. Sweet mild plum flavor and possibly a hint of peach. Wish I had more than one remaining.


Those look mouthwattering.


This one I showed earlier,here,What fruits did you eat today?.
I’m asking people who received scions from me and who want to share some,please do not label them as Marcia’s Flavor


Only unknown in my yard came as a bonus plant from Raintree. A black currant with flexible first year canes that I loosely tie together until they grow enough wood to remain upright. Its first berries are a good size & sweetest of the currants that have borne fruit here so far. I wait as long as possible for successive pickings to aid berry size. Since it had no name, I call it Orphan.
(Others are Ben More, Westwick, Black September. I planted Belaruskaya this year, which might prove sweeter still than Orphan; will learn next year.)


I have had this plum tree for 20 to 25 years. It was a sucker from a lady that called it a peach plum. Have no idea what type it is, but always sets a decent crop, except for the few years it has taken a break and did not bloom. Plums are just over 1 1/2" across, did not seem to have the good flavor this year. May have been the extra rain. They ripen pretty much at the same time.019|690x460


Nice looking plum.