Little red dots on my new little apricot

Hello friends, This spring in planted a new apricot seedling here in Taos New Mexico. It has been doing well. However, in the past week, I have seen some small red things sticking to the brand new stems. There seems to be some nibbling on the leaves, but the red things are not on the leaves. I will include some photos. The second one is enlarged. Any idea what the little red things are? thanks Peggy

I believe those are extrafloral nectaries (a natural thing stone fruit make to attract beneficial insects), but I could be wrong. I noticed something similar on my peach and tried some googling and decided that was what it was, but I’m sure someone on here can give a definitive answer.

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Wow - I never heard of those, but that is sure what it looks like from the internet search that I did. Thanks, and I am glad that I did not just pull them all off. You never know if you are dealing with friend or foe… Peggy

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Yup… Evolutions way of protecting the tree…however I don’t know taken out of where the tree evolved if they are always still beneficial…depends on the insects in your area I guess.

I often see ants, wasps, and yellow jackets visiting them.

Looking “glands”. They’re also on peaches and cherries, many prunus have them.

Thanks everyone. Very, very helpful… Peggy