Loaded Multi-Graft Apple Tree

Probably should have thinned more, but I just added another bar and rope to hold the tree up. Galas and Honeycrisp are almost ready.


Are those footies with surround?

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Yep, and they worked pretty well! Completely different from last year when I did nothing.

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Did you get the ones from the orchard society place? They blend in far more than I realized they do!

Yep–Home Orchard Society.

I have never used surround - does it affect the taste of the fruit and wash off easy?

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It’s on all season long through all the sprinklers and rains. I hadn’t even thought about this and have been enjoying many good tasting apples so far. Of course after I take the footie off, I wash the apple just in case before I eat it.

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If you talk about Surround right on the fruit, it is not easy to rinse off esp. on fruit with fuzz like peaches. I usually peel peaches but I have no issue eating peaches with a bit of clay.

Footsies with Surround is different. That Surround does not stick to skin of fruit at all. I used footsies with and without Surround. Once I realize footsies do not prevent OFM damage on soft skin fruit like peaches, nectarines, I stop using them.

Footsies on apples or pears are fine. However, for me, putting plastic ziplock bags on apples is faster and cheaper.


That is a loaded tree! Enjoy

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