Local nursery prices?

For those not doing all you ordering online, what are local Nursery prices like for say a 3-5ft fruit trees in your area?

I have one local nursery about 25min away. I was there yesterday looking at fruit trees. They had a small selection of peaches and pears, a larger selection of apples, and one persimmon (magic fountain). Prices ranged from $20 for a 2ft apple to $100 for a 4ft persimmon. The average 5ft fruit price was $35. The non-common versions of apples started at $44 and topped out around $90. I am assuming they will have more at the beginning of spring.

This may not be applicable everywhere but local nursery’s in my area are somewhat of a rip off. First they are nothing but a re-seller for other nurseries. They order $25.00 trees and resell them for $60 to $85.00. How do I know the cost? Two ways - one is that a local nursery by accident let me look at there supplier cost sheet. Two Hollybrook Orchards is a common supplier for potted fruit trees in Virginia. My local TrueValue sells the same trees that Edible Landscaping sells for $85 for $40. Same tags - everything. I don’t have a problem with someone making a dollar - but tripling the cost is too much. To answer your question - $45 for 3 Gallon pots, $70 for 5 gallon pots, $85 for 7 gallon pots (price may be 15% lower at some nurseries). Height should not be an indicator of cost - most nurseries go by pot size but the real characteristic that should be used is the thickness of the main stem.

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I don’t look at much besides apples and pears. Normal prices range from $50-$70 for 6-11’ trees. I usually pick up one or two in the fall during their end of season sale. Prices then are 40-50% off the normal price. This fall I bought a 7’ Honeycrisp and a 10’ Fireside for right around $75 including tax.

Typical price here near Houston for a 3 gallon citrus tree is $40 with the wholesale price around $20. The growers of the citrus trees have to grow them in an elaborate screen house with double doors and positive air pressure that costs around $250k or so due to citrus greening concerns. I used to grow them before these requirements which took me 3 years and sold them for $25 each with a craigslist ad.

My selection is exactly what spuddaddy described. Pretty expensive and not much to choose from. I saw the picts. you posted of the nursery you went to. Nothing like that around here. That place looked awesome. Especially their cheap prices.

Well, some of their stuff is inexpensive, other stuff I find to be a little pricey like $100 for a persimmon.

I will probably go back over there in a few days. If you want some kiwi, I could always send you a few. You pay for the plants and shipping.

I appreciate the offer, but I have no where to keep it till spring. Did they have fuzzy kiwi as well? Nurseries on the east coast are pretty boring with high prices. A 6-7 foot potted persimmon runs anywhere from $120-160. 3-4 footers are $60-80. I saw videos of some of the west coast nurseries and they had everything. Potted, bare root, starter plants and more.

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5 ft apple trees…probably M111…Williams Nursery, Corbin, KY …. $16 retail. In containers.

(Grown in Smithville/McMinnville, Tn). 12 or so varieties.

Cheapest I am aware of in Kentucky.


My local Rural King just carries fruit trees in the Spring same as the local Big Box stores. Trees tend to run from 30-50 dollars with a few exceptions.

I know your looking at local nursery trees in containers. But have you thought of mail ordering trees? This is a good time to order for Spring delivery. The selection is much better and if you pick the right supplier you will know what rootstock your getting. Instead of the tree being labeled “semi-dwarf” which could be anything from m26 to m111 for apple.

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Fruit trees are about $40+ at the mom and pop nurseries I went in the back of one early in the Spring and they had a bunch of bare root trees healed waiting to get potted up.


I do order online as well. Just curious to see if local prices are about the same or vastly different.

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I pay the larger price for potted. For me potted has been far more successful than bare root. Bare root is for the items I can not find in pots. Looks like everyone has different prices dependent on where they live. The prices I could see in your picts. looked cheaper than here. Wish that place was here.

That Tn. nursery supplies (forget which) home depot/lowes and others. Do you know if regular people can order from them?

I find our local nurseries fail to carry anything outside the 3 or so varieties everyone thinks they want.


I prefer bare root. Potted often means rootbound and the problems associated with that.


No, regular folks can’t order from J Berry Nursery or Costa Farms.
But, if you place a minimum order you probably can order from Liberty Farms.

Nurseries in my area of Wisconsin are usually $29, $39, or higher. Big box stores will have them slightly cheaper. I try to avoid container trees as one of the first trees I bought was horribly rootbound.

Best deal in my opinion is bare root trees in early spring from the local Jung’s Garden Center for $29. They are usually 5-8 feet tall with excellent root structure. They usually end up with a large selection of ‘deer apples’, trees without variety tags that go for $15.

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Question- Most of my bare root plants had a 1-3 year growth lag as the roots rebuilt. Is that on par with everyone else experience? Or am I shopping in the wrong stores?
For me 1-3 foot bare roots have been the ones that excelled. Larger sizes had above problem.

I prefer bare root as well.

Well these guys from a different thread seem to have good prices on trees and scions, but the shipping is flat $38. I would need to buy an orchard of trees to feel good about paying that much in shipping. It’s not the fault of the seller, they need to make it work for them, but in the age of free “prime” shipping, I have become a bit expecting.


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