Login for the forum that doesn't use javascript


I am looking for a way to login to the forum that doesn’t require javascript. Does the forum have this option?

This question makes me curious to know what percentage of the forum functions use Javascript (or Jquery).

It looks like most basic functions work ok when I did a quick check. It does appear most functions under your profile don’t work “summary” and “activity” for example. You can check yourself just temporarily disable javascript in your browser after you login and you can see the differences yourself.

F12 in Chrome (brave, etc.) is a nice way of telling what resources a page loads etc.- usually javascript will have a .js extension

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With the weekend I thought I would bump this…

The site requires JavaScript, basically nothing will work without it. Internally the login is just an http request so in principle you could log in without JS but good luck figuring out the protocol and then doing anything once logged in.

…just as I thought, and nearly universal with modern websites.

15 or 20 years ago, end-user disabling of Javascript was all the rage,
then Google started using it.

Ok thanks Scott. I was hoping to access the site via a hardened browser that doesn’t have javascript enabled.