Long Dormant Grape Vine

I transplanted a Concord grape vine last fall, like early November. By the end of May (5/31), the plant was still dormant. So I decided to dig it out. Then I saw some white hair (roots) in the soil. So I put the soil back.

Then two days later (6/2), I saw some buds coming out. I guess I waked up the giant. Here is a picture taken on 6/19.

Here is the photo taken two days ago:

The main trunk(s) is about 4’ tall. I’m sure by the end of season, they will reach 6’ to take the cordons next year.

This is interesting that the vine stayed dormant this long. Bud out much later than the bare root Concord vine I planted at the same time.

It takes that long for a good trunk, then you won’t be able to stop the thing! Mine seems to grow feet within days. Birds and coons love mine though, so I get very few. I’ve bagged them and netted to no avail. You will have cordons galore within the next two years.

My first year Reliance bare root already topped 6’. But this vine has thicker old trunk. I did not prune after they bud out. So I actually get 4 trunks. I’m going to keep two main trunks next year.

Bird netting will be put on. No coon so far. I’ve relocated 14 groundhogs and others…