Long Tailed weasel

Thanks for mentioning that little guy! I suspect one prowls around here at night. Here’s a concise article about them:

Oh, I have that article saved! How funny. I found it when I was “introduced” to our local resident weasel one day about 2 years ago. I went down to my walk & pick orchard, just to check things out, and as I rounded the corner behind the pool to walk down the back walkway, I ran RIGHT into our little resident, and boy, you should have seen us both jumping around trying to get out of each other’s way. Weasel is making loud weasel noises, and I am screaming like a little girl, lol! Scared me out of my wits. I had never seen one before, which is crazy, because I’m born and raised S. California. I didn’t even know we had them here. She was after the squirrels or the rats or the mice. Really, really glad she was hanging out in my orchard. I’d love to see one, again. Didn’t see it last year, or this year (so far). But, our rodent population is way down this year, so that might be why. Oh, and I forgot - I accidentally caught her in my Hav-A-Heart trap, too, #onepissedoffweasel


We have a dark brown mink. They stink!

Our Long Tailed weasels stink, too. Mostly the males (which is why I think my little weasel I ran into and a few days later trapped was a female - zero smell). I haven’t seen one this year, but, I did smell one, pretty sure. They have a rather distinct smell - kind of a cross between male cat spray and rancid garlic. Not like a skunk smell at all. Much closer to male cat spray. I was again, down in my walk & pick orchard early this season, and I could smell that smell. Never saw anything, but the smell is very distinctive. So, hopefully, they’re still here. The males set up a territory, and stay in that territory, defending it with vigor. I’m really lucky I didn’t get bit when I ran into it. They can be very aggressive, especially if you’re interrupting their dinner!

One of our wild minks made a home inside of a giant chinese pot that was turned upside down for the winter. It was next to my potting shed. Every time we walked by the damned pot the stink would increase. Hopefully this freeze killed it! Horrible smell, like something dead.

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Yes, the mink have a potent smell – and yet they think it is the best ever :laughing:.

The weasel smell here is less pungent and being so infrequent it is a pleasant reminder of beneficial wildlife.


Weasel shuts down LHC

Very funny! That must be how the creature got its name! LOL