Looking for a good source for spicebush & witch hazel?

To plant that is. Thanks!

fedco sells them.

Here in TN… spicebush grows wild… normally found on north to north/east facing hillsides, often in the same locations that you find Ginseng in… I see it regular when hunting seng.

Usually in rich moist soil. It is one of the plants that seng hunters recognize as a pointer (or indicator) that Ginseng may be near by.


I’ve ordered both of these from Cold Stream Farm in Michigan. Quality seemed fine, and prices were good if you are ordering in quantity. I haven’t planted either out yet — they are still planted in holding beds.


I got my two witch hazels last year from:


They also have spicebush.

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Monticello sells just about every native thing u can imagine for pretty cheap. Witch Hazel and Spicebush bare root are $8 each.