Looking for another childhood apple - cinnamon striped (russian)

There is another apple from my childhood I am looking for, I know it is very old Russian type, translated from Russian the name will be like “cinnamon striped”. It is late August(zone 5), sweet, highly aromatic(with cinnamon aroma ) apple with yellow, kind of dryer flesh, flattened shape, red strips over green or green-yellow skin:

I never tasted an apple that is more aromatic than this one. Does anybody know if this apple available in USA and under what name?
Another picture:

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Looks like Duchess of Oldenburg to me.


I looked at this one, I think I know it under a different name, but it is a different apple, it is more round than flat, and earlier season. The taste is different too, never liked it even in my childhood.

Botner has it listed, so someone else in US should have it too. I hope to taste it this year for first time.