Looking for apple scions

Hello all, I’m new to the group and I’m enjoying reading all of the information shared. It seems I can’t PM anybody (yet?) I read the FAQ and the message option doesn’t appear for me when I click on a user icon. I’m hoping that will resolve itself soon enough. Anyway I’m in North Florida, zone 8b and among other things I’ve been trying different apple varieties hoping to find some that will grow here without constant spraying. I’ve tried the well known low chill ones- Anna, Dorsett, and was a few others I’ve obtained locally as well as several that SHOUDN’T grow here but I’m hoping they could be coaxed :grin:. Either way it’s fun learning even if none of them work out. I have a lot of insect pressure as well as the humidity brings disease pressure. Im looking for one I had in the past called Shell of Alabama if anyone has it to trade. Also interested in anything else you may suggest. Thanks for reading my post and I’m looking forward to hearing your responses! Thanks for having me in your group! - John


Shell of Alabama isn’t common, but if you can’t find scions here, there are at least a couple of commercial sources: the excellent Century Farm Orchards in NC and Just Fruits and Exotics there in Florida. The latter offers container trees, the former bare-root. David at Century Farm will likely also sell you scionwood (inexpensively) if you E-mail him and ask politely.

Edit: I’ve since remembered that Kuffel Creek Apple Nursery, operated by @applenut, also offers Shell benchgrafts.


Hi John, welcome!

This forum is primarily about public discussion of fruits so we require members to hang around awhile (reading posts etc) until they can PM. We also have a scion wood exchange area that gets active at the same time. We also have a long list of places that sell scions, see


Welcome John. Lots of great information and helpful people here.
Big Horse Creek Farm has some varieties that you should look at as well.


Wow thanks for the welcome and suggestions! I’m very interested in the scion wood exchange when that gets going. Any interest in loquat? I have a nice one I could possibly share a few cuttings from this year as well as some low chill pears and interesting figs maybe next year. Thanks guys- John


Sadly I don’t have any low chill apples, but I hope you find exactly what you need. Have you attempted grafting yourself?


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Yes, I have grafted apples, pears and a few loquats and Japanese plums. Not that I have room for any more trees :rofl: but I’m looking forward to some more grafting this spring.

I have scions from what i believe is the oldest apple tree in Arkansas, around 100 years or so.
No idea on the variety or if it started as a seedling tree, but it is from southern Arkansas and makes awesome fried pies per the owner.
I have it grafted on b118 and std rootstock though they’re not producing yet.
If you’d like to try it ill send you a scion.

It looks like you have hung around long enough, you can see the scionwood exchange by clicking on the categories box on the home page and selecting “Trading Post”. You should also be able to PM other users.


Hi John,

It is a year later but did you ever find Shell of Alabama scion wood? If you did, can ask where?

I’m in southern California and am just starting my search for it.


Yes I did! Century Farms Orchard.

It looks like they are not selling scions this year. Maybe I will have better luck in the Trading Post once I can access it!