Looking for AU Producer Plum... need help

I have decided to try a combo of Shiro and AU Producer plum and would like to start both of those this spring.

I have checked all nursery that I have had good luck with in the past and trust… and so far have only found the Shiro… I have that one ordered now.

AU Producer I have not found at any Nursery that I know or trust…

Of course Ty Ty has some and a few other nurseries I have found but do not know or trust (and get bad reviews)…

The Nursery I got my Shiro from… had other AU varieties (in stock) but were out of AU Producer. A few others I have checked were the same way, had Shiro and other AU varieties… but not AU producer.

I have checked Englands, Hartmans, Whitman Farms, Gurneys, Burpee, Raintree, Burnt Ridge, Isons, Cummings, Bob Wells, Van Wells, One Green World, Starks… and probably a few others that I don’t recall right now.

I know some of you have AU Producer and I am sure you got it from a nursery that you have had good luck with in the past.

If you will just give me the Nursery Name… I will be glad to check them out.


Just found this one… never heard of them. In NC ?

Looking for reviews…


Bummer… I would have to drive to NC to get anything from them… not doing that.

Add later… still no luck finding AU Producer. Will keep looking.

Try Bottoms Nursery … showing in stock now. I have not ordered from them but I think they are at least an OK place.


Thanks @scottsmith — I did find that one but was not sure about the Nursery… found some very mixed reviews.

I talked to a friend here just south of me and he really likes his AU Rosa it has done well for him and he is just south of me so hopefully that will work for me to.

Per the Plum Pollination chart its bloom date is just 2 days different than Shiro.

And I have found a nursery that I trust that has it.

If I get Shiro and AU Rosa in the ground this spring… think I will have to graft on some Spring Satin plumcot next spring… and perhaps a cherry plum too … AU has one of those.


I’ve ordered muscadine vines from Bottoms. No issues other than the plants being a little small.

Vaughn Nursery in TN carries AU Producer. Though, they are probably out of this season. Plums | Vaughn Nursery

Cumberland Valley Nursery may also carry it, but, like Vaughn, probably out for this season. They no longer have a website. (931) 668-4153

Vaughn and CVN supply many of these retail nurseries, but if you buy directly from them, cost is WAY cheaper.

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Well… went to Church this morning and on the way home noticed our local TSC store had a fresh delivery of fruit trees. Must have been 50 out there.

I told my wife… i need to stop and see if they have anything i need.

And what do you know…

They had 2 AU Rosa and I picked out the one liked best. Needs a little pruning but i like it.

Nice size tree good early form.

They did not have any other AU varieties.

So now I have a Shiro on order and AU Rosa in hand. Jplums getting another try at my place.



Wow, that’s a nice looking tree. Hopefully the roots are similar.

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Oh man… Now I feel the urge to make a trip for a bunch more trees I don’t need :sweat_smile:

There is definitely a benefit to being able to pick “the good one” in the group, even if it costs a little more.

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Is the rootstock known on this tree by chance? I hope to graft several southern plums like AU Rosa for family in South Carolina. I’m planning to use Marianna 2624 as rootstock.

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@SteadyStan . I did not even think about tthe rootstock… just checked the graft union and they did a nice job and it is grafted.

Those are the details that was on the tag.

Noticed it says 10x12 ft high and wide.

Some type of dwarfing rootstock for sure.

I will call our local TSC store today and see if they can get that info for me.

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Per our local TSC store manager… they did not know the rootstock but she gave me the Nursery.


On their website I found the details above…

I called and talked to someone there and they said that my AU Rosa was most likely grafted to Guardian.

It seems to be popular in the south east.


@SteadyStan … it sounds like the TSC store managers have the flexibility to order fruit trees from a nursery of their choice ?

My TSC store manager here in southern middle TN… ordered fruit trees from a nursery in the state of TN. Smithville is in east/central TN.

May be like that in all TSC stores.

In NC they may be bought from a popular, reasonably priced nursery in NC.

Ask the store manager… they should be able to tell you the nursery they bought from… but like mine… they may not have any idea what rootstock they are on.

Good luck…

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I ordered some AU varieties from Peaceful Heritage. They have AU Roadside and AU Rubrum left.