Looking for Belle de Boskoop

Good day I am looking for some Belle de Boskoop, Ananas Reinette, Arkansas Black, Ashmead’s Kernel, Calville Blanc d’Hiver, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Zabergau Reinette. I have some scion for exchange.tjanks

I literally just received a couple of sticks of Belle from Queener Farms in my mailbox today. I’m not sure what they will still have in stock, but these look great. I ordered 6 assorted sticks and received 8 and they are longer than most of the other scionwood I’ve received so far this year.

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My Ashmeads Kernel and Egremont Russet scions from Queener were really nice last year and both grafted successfully. I would recommend Queener Farm also.

My Cox may still be dormant, I’ll check tomorrow.

I noticed that you had posted on a Canadian thread as well. Are you located in Canada? If so it is not legal for you to exchange scions with US members.

You may find some sources here as well. Scionwood sources

Welcome to the forum!

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Yes I know you need permits to ship access the border. Thanks for the website

Hi, I have lots of Belle de Boskoop. I don’t have Ananas Reinette, but I do have Pitmaston Pineapple. LMK what you have for trade.

Hi I do live in Canada so I don’t know if your from Canada or the US. I have golden russet, Tallman sweet, sweet 16, Hudson golden gem, black oxford, gallerina, Harrison, Williams Pride.

Also I do have Baldwin, Ontario, North Star

Hi @Stef1 welcome to the forum! How long have you been growing? I’m close to you and always like to hear about sucesses and failures!