Scionwood sources

Here is a list of commercial scionwood sources and swaps. This is a “wiki” page meaning anyone can edit it, please edit to correct any errors or omissions!

Purchase scionwood


Clubs with in-person scionwood swaps

Canadian Sources


Hocking Hills Orchard of Ohio is another scionwood source. Derek Mills ( is the contact. I learned of this place from @greyphase.
Hocking Hills Orchard Main Page!

Derek can send you his complete list of offerings, which is extensive, if you request it by e-mail.

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I added Hocking Hills to your wiki list above. Sorry if I blew up your nice bullett formatting. I couldn’t figure out how to do that.

Christian Homesteading Movement is now called Singing Tree. Richard Fahey is now in his mid seventys. I have bought scion from him the last couple of years. I wanted to share his scion offerings because he is off the grid (apparently no phone or internet)


Cool! Singing Tree has the rare Tyson pear I’ve been seeking!


Scott, I tried to add to your list, but don’t seem to be able to edit the wiki page.
I would like to add Twisted Tree Farm scion page
We’re offering several hard cider varieties among other things this year. Thanks for your help and all the information you put out there.

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@Matt_in_Maryland, thanks for that addition. I cleaned up the edit a bit; just put a "- " at the front to get the bullet.

@Chestnut, I added your site; not sure why you could not edit but you may need to be a more senior member.

@39thparallel, thanks for posting that list! I have ordered from Richard but it was quite a few years ago. I put your scan above in the wiki listing.


There is a facebook group for scion exchange, I think it’s called North American Scion Exchange. The NAFEX facebook group also has some people asking for scions.

Cool, I bookmark this one. Thanks a lot.

Heres list of cider apple scions that are rare varities and only $2 per stick.
They don’t sell after Jan 2016 so if you see some you want get an order in sooner than later
This is extra information below that you might find interesting that’s related to what the nw cider association does. The scions I got from them in 2014 were excellent quality and very inexpensive.

Carla Sue Craig, Marketing Coordinator
Northwest Agriculture Business Center & Northwest Cider Association
tel: (360) 336-3727
fax: (360) 336-3751

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Thanks Clark, added!

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Could not figure out how to add to scion source list, so here’s one:

Kelly’s Old Timey Apples, Steve Kelly, Big Stone Gap, VA. Huge variety of apples, especially Southern and rarities. Ask Steve for list by email:



Looks to be brandy new.

Time will tell if it grows up into anything.

I had that one up but it looks like they changed the URL - fixed.

Oh fudge. I made a whole five grafts last spring. An’ three survived. My far horizon is expanding a whole lot faster than my crappy legs can run.

I have about 40+ or - whips to cut on in the spring now I gotta put on a pair of blinders and pick out only a couple of flavors to graft to my feet.

I’ll go fret for a while and be back with my next round of questions.

I just added a link to my Garden Register swap page.

I know there were some recent changes to price lists for singing tree and other sites are making 2016 updates also. Singing tree went up to $3.75 per stick for scion wood.

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Did the shipping rate go up as well?