General Fruit Resources


General Fruit Resources

Here is a list of links to Internet resources for learning more about growing fruit. It is a wiki page and regulars are encouraged to edit and add/update links. See About the Reference category for a description on how to edit these pages. If you are not a regular, just add a suggestion in a followup and a regular can do it.

General and Beginner Guides

These online guides are good general resources when starting out, even if you are not in or that close to the particular state.

Commercial State Guides

For more serious growers, here are commercial guides.

Disease and Pest Guides

Spray guides

Pruning and Training

Health, Soil and Nutrition


Scionwood Sources

See the Growingfruit list of scionwood sources


See the Growingfruit nurseries list

Animal Control

There are unfortunately few good guides on keeping squirrels, rabbits, birds, etc away from backyard fruits. We should make a Growingfruit guide on it :grin:

Frost/Freeze Protection

Low-impact / Organic Fruit Growing

Container Growing




  • Good Fruit Grower - this is the leading commercial fruit growing magazine in the US; older issues are free online
  • Fruit Growers News - another US commercial fruit rag
  • Tree Fruit - the leading tree fruit magazine in Australia, free online

Individual Fruit Information



Stone fruit in general













  • Kikibob’s website - Bob Glanzman is kiwi-obsessed!
  • Oregon State’s Growing Kiwifruit - a reasonably complete downloadable booklet



Tropical Fruits

Fruit Books

Historical Books

The New York Books

These are the classic US books for old varieties. They appeared in the early 1900’s.

Other resources

Apple Pruning: Heading Cuts and Stub Cuts: Guy LOVES Heading Cuts?
History of Apples in Canada & USA
Spray amounts guide
Apple IPM for Beginners - Good read
Freeze Damage Chart
New resources pages
Hi! Im Julieh; Anybody else excited about planting season coming?
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“Cyclopedia of Hardy Fruits”

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