New resources pages

I just posted two new pages under the Reference category…


These pages are just initial drafts - regulars can edit to add links, and anyone can follow up with a suggestion for a new link. Please try to follow the editing style guide at

Lets Learn More! :grin:


I fixed the error where people could not edit it - edit away on the above now if you are a regular.

There are also finally some guides in the Guides category! The guides are things we forum members write up, and I moved a few of those things over (and Alan will be adding his spray schedule soon). Any member can produce a nice tutorial or info sheet on a fruit-related topic which can then be moved to guides by an admin.

The reason for the separate category is it is possible to browse it (select the category in the upper left where it normally says “all categories” on the main page).

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What do the numbers after some of the nurseries refer to?

The numbers after the blue links indicate how many times it has been clicked on.