Scionwood sources

$8 if I remember correctly.


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I know there are tons of fig fans in the forum and I wanted to mention in the figs4fun forum I saw more $3 scions/cuttings.

Update from Maple Valley is they are not able to do scion wood this year.
" Scionwood - Update 2/2/2016: Tony had a major surgery in December 2015. He was recovering well but has had a major setback. We will not be selling anything in 2016. We hope to be back in 2017. "

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Thanks for letting us know. I hope he’s better soon.

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I just came across this site that sells some scionwood:

They’re called Cricket Hill Gardens. They have a small selection of apple, apricot, pear, mulberry, asian pear, quince, and elderberry scions for sale focusing on cold hardy varieties. It’s too late for me this year but I’ll check them out again next year.

Update–> I think they are in Connecticut, they also sell some bare root trees and peonies. I’ve never heard of them before but the site has some good info.

Thanks, added!

Gil at Skipley Farm also sells sciowood, rootstocks and benchgrafts:


I’ve talked with Gil via email before and he carries scions for hard to find pears such as abate fetel. Almost got some from him this year but time did not allow for it.

2017 Singing Tree scion list page 1

2017 Singing Tree scion list page 2

You might have to download to view. The google viewer doesn’t seem to work well on all platforms.

Thanks! I updated the listing above (downloaded and made into a single pdf).

Singing Tree offers an impressive list of apple varieties and has Harvest Queen pear wood that I was looking for, will probably place an order.

Harvest Queen is not on their latest list - ?

It’s called Harrow Queen on the list.

Can we safely assume that Harrow Queen on the list is Harvest Queen? Harrow Queen sounds in line with all the Harrow pears.

Maybe, its correct name is Harrow Queen, not Harvest Queen. Who know?


I agree that Harrow Queen is typo, but I’m not sure about the intentions of the change. Harvest Queen was on the list correctly before. Why change it? Maybe someone was trying to remove Harvest Queen and add a new Harrow pear in the same edit? Then again, Harlayne is incorrectly under peach now, when it was correctly under apricots before. So, who knows what its going on. I did get Harvest Queen from them last year, so I’m not sure why they would remove it. Unfortunately, they can only be reached by snail mail.

On a positive note, they added Aurora to the pear list :slight_smile:

I would assume Its Havest Queen. There is really nothing else close to it. I’ve ordered from them before and had no problems. Very satisfied with everything I ordered.

With all the confusion, how well we can trust them that the scionwood is true to label?

I tried to edit the Wiki but it wanted me to set a Category and “Reference was not an option”. I did not want to screw up your list so here are my additions:

Canadian Sources

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Thanks, added! I think the issue was you need to be level 3 to edit.