Scionwood sources


I’ve seen errors at other sources. The difference here is the difficulty in Q&A communications.

Last year was my first year ordering from them. Everything went well. As with any source, I won’t know if I received all the correct varieties for a few years.


Notice how the position on the list is the alphabetic position of Harvest Queen and not Harrow Queen. Its almost certainly a typo.


I’ve had the same issue regarding Canuck’s editing the scion list. Maybe software incompatibility problems. That’s why, in the past, I’ve bugged you with any news or updates.


I feel like there’s some kind of secret reason or conspiracy around Harvest Queen not being more widely available. Other Canadian bred pears, like Harrow Delight, are widely available in the U.S., but Harvest Queen is not. I have never understood this. I don’t think there’s any patent. Harvest Queen is so much better than Harrow Delight. Harrow Delight ripens a week earlier, when nothing else is ready, so it is useful. But it is like some music industry executive decided a long time ago that he didn’t like the sound of Harvest Queen, and screened it out of wider entry into the U.S. unlike all the other Ontario bred pears. It is just bizarre.


I think I fixed the problem you were having awhile ago Matt. hungryfrozencanuck4b should not be able to edit since he is level 2, but you are level 3. Looking through the edit history (the orange pencil top right), it looks like Vohd did some edits so hopefully that means its working.


I was on the phone with maple valley last night, and despite the fact that I haven’t actually received my scion wood yet, I was very impressed with the costumer service. Despite the fact that I am ordering a very small amount of wood they took the time to return my call and answered all my questions. So if the wood they provide is what they say it will be, I would recomend them


Burnt ridge has a bunch of scion for 3.50 per foot…

Found 2 of the 3 things I wanted for this season



Very nice find! It looks like they are selling wood on everything in their mother orchard, including kiwi, fig, persimmon, walnut etc which are normally very hard to find.


I’ve been wanting to try a couple of those pears and the Evans Bali cherry! Thanks for posting this!


I’d have sent ya cuttings of Bali had I known…

I’m having difficulty limiting my choices. What can I try grafting almond onto? Lol

Wish they had more pawpaws, though…

They have the footies people use to prevent bug problems too… Wonder how good the price is: 144 for $12.00



Home Orchard Society sells 288 foot sox with a packet of Surround for $25.

If Burntridge sox do not come with Surround, HOS sox may be a better deal.


I’m hoping to order from Singing Tree. Has anyone ordered recently? I’m hoping I’m not trying to order too late and since the only contact is by mail I’m a little hesitant. Maple Valley has a lot of the ones I’m interested in too, but not quite all that Singing Trees has.


No worries your not to late for Singing tree but do get it mailed off this week.


The Temperate Orchard Conservancy. the rescures of Nick Botners collection are now accepting orders for Scions


Did you mean NOT or NOW. The link in the message is to an order page.



miss typing now as not is my most frustrating error.


What is being offered this year? That list is all the apples not the ones they are offering.

In a few years this will be an amazing source!!


You might like this site done by KEN PRIDDY that has some descriptions of these apples. Botners collection as your aware has many mislabeled trees and I suspect they will be sorting it out for years to come. . Botners collection was the largest I know of. Thankfully orchardist like him grew as much as they did.


Sounds like the process is to see what you like from the list, make an inquiry, and find out which have wood available:

  • Thank you for asking about scions! Many scions will be available for purchase beginning in 2017. All scion orders will close every year mid-March. Please email us prior to placing your order to verify that the scions you want are available since some of the trees are still too young to cut scion wood from them. Then, download this order form, fill it in, and mail it to us.

I can ask on Sunday, some of the principals will be at the Home Orchard Society’s annual meeting.


Does anyone know if Singing Tree is still operating this year? Several weeks ago I sent them a note with SASE for a current scion listing, and haven’t heard anything.