Scionwood sources


I vaguely recall getting their list quite a bit after my request in the past. They may still be doing the inventory to see which varieties can be listed.


I did not place my order until Jan/Feb. I believe that they still in business. You may have ordered it very early.


They have not sent me a price list yet but it’s still a little early. They usually come out in the next month or so if I remember correctly.


Thanks Scott, Tippy, & Clark. I wondered if I was just being too antsy. :smirk:


They have Scionwood under the products tab


Thanks, added! They have quite a few dessert apples as well.


It is unusual to not receive a price list yet. Hopefully this year was kind to them and they are just running a little behind.


39thparallel orchard here in Kansas is selling trees, rootstocks, and scionwood this year


Thanks, added! I assume thats one of our own, @39thparallel .


Thanks Scott! BTW, the Yates scion you sent have turned into over 50 trees in my nursery. I’m going to plant 10 in our orchard and have the rest for sale. I’m primarily interested in disease resistant, cider and wildlife apples. Yates should do well for all three!


thank you for this Scionwood sources


2018 Singing Tree scion list page 1

2018 Singing Tree scion list page 2

Download for better viewing.


Thanks!! added above.


Yes, thanks very much. This will be the first time I’ve ordered from Singing Tree.


I think this should be posted here.

thank @Stan


Thanks, added! Thats a great resource for peach and cherry scions, there are very few sources now. WSU used to run an FPS but I think its gone now, maybe they are trying to pick up the slack.


Found it like its still up and running


Yup, I guess they got it going again – added to the list above. They are virus-clean so are much more expensive. That UC Davis site is downright cheap, 40 cents per stick plus shipping. … Hmm well on second look I think that is 40 cents per BUD… still cheaper than $5 per bud of WSU. But the Davis stock is also virus-tested. A scion will probably be $5-$10 each from Davis.


The charge for scion is stated at one dollar but by the time phytosanitary charges are added in my order averaged about $2.50 per.


Right, I misread it - its .40 per bud for budwood only. Thats also good to know as there are very few sources for budwood. They say the prices are high but I think they are comparing to bulk scion suppliers, $2.50 per is very good.