Scion wood ontario canada

Scion wood for ?

all scion wood but i am looking for cider apple scion wood this year

Check here:

Ask Eric , I bet he has some good stuff for where you are

Quote from above web site

(“Of the 200+ varieties of apple trees in our orchard, they all survived the winter test of -47° Celsius”)
Let’s see -47 c = really cold in F.
-47c wow that’s cold ! Can this be right !

Been awhile since I was called upon to do Celcius……but somewhere around 40 below is where they cross and are equal…right?

Our Scionwood sources page here lists several other Canadian places, take a look… the Canadian places are at the end of the listing.

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@ BlueBerry
-47 c = -52 F = cold


Hi there. I am also in Ontario and looking to swap scionwood. You can email me at if interested.
I have maybe about 15-20 varieties that I may be able to swap. thanks,

We’ve got a bit remaining at What are you after?

I’m in Sterling Heights, come on over and harvest yourself! I have no apples or pears. I used to trade in Ontario but you can’t anymore. Always welcome even for a visit if on the west side of the lake.
I’m about 20 miles from the tunnel. Ton’s of plums and peaches.

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I noticed a Russian search engine provided more apple trees and scion sources in Canada than Google or Bing or Yahoo.

chestnut crab, thanks

Are you still wanting to swap?

Hi, a bit late but are you still interested in trading scions? I am near Peterborough, ON.



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I am in Marmora Ontario and would love to exchange or buy some scions. Only problem is, I’m not sure what all I have. Have 3 old unattended orchards that I am bringing back.

We’re in USDA 5A. Let me know what you have.



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I am in Oxford county. I have Black Oxford, Sweet Sixteen, Ontario, Baldwin, Huston’s Golden Gem, Gallaria, Harrison, Williams Pride.

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here is a very late reply but i seen you list of trees on here and i am interested in black oxford and sweet sixteen scions

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Yes I for sure have the two varieties. What kind do you grow in apples maybe peach or plums too?. Are you in the southern Ontario area? I am close to Tillsonburg

Hello Stef1, I’d be very interested in buying a scion of Black Oxford from you. I am just starting out so unfortunately I don’t have anything I could trade.

Were are you from?

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