Scion wood ontario canada

scion wood is a hard thing to find in ontario
i have had to look far and wide to find it … i used to be able to buy from siloam orchards but they have sold out to a cider company now. My other go to has been harry at
but due to our very different seasons that is not ideal. just wondering if there is anyone in ontario looking to swap scion wood

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While doing web searches, I found Alberta and British Columbia options for you guys. (But they can’t easily get anything to the U.S)

Scion wood for ?

all scion wood but i am looking for cider apple scion wood this year

Check here:

Ask Eric , I bet he has some good stuff for where you are

Quote from above web site

(“Of the 200+ varieties of apple trees in our orchard, they all survived the winter test of -47° Celsius”)
Let’s see -47 c = really cold in F.
-47c wow that’s cold ! Can this be right !

Been awhile since I was called upon to do Celcius……but somewhere around 40 below is where they cross and are equal…right?

Our Scionwood sources page here lists several other Canadian places, take a look… the Canadian places are at the end of the listing.

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@ BlueBerry
-47 c = -52 F = cold


Hi there. I am also in Ontario and looking to swap scionwood. You can email me at if interested.
I have maybe about 15-20 varieties that I may be able to swap. thanks,

We’ve got a bit remaining at What are you after?

I’m in Sterling Heights, come on over and harvest yourself! I have no apples or pears. I used to trade in Ontario but you can’t anymore. Always welcome even for a visit if on the west side of the lake.
I’m about 20 miles from the tunnel. Ton’s of plums and peaches.

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I noticed a Russian search engine provided more apple trees and scion sources in Canada than Google or Bing or Yahoo.

chestnut crab, thanks

Are you still wanting to swap?

Hi, a bit late but are you still interested in trading scions? I am near Peterborough, ON.



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I am in Marmora Ontario and would love to exchange or buy some scions. Only problem is, I’m not sure what all I have. Have 3 old unattended orchards that I am bringing back.

We’re in USDA 5A. Let me know what you have.



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I am in Oxford county. I have Black Oxford, Sweet Sixteen, Ontario, Baldwin, Huston’s Golden Gem, Gallaria, Harrison, Williams Pride.

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here is a very late reply but i seen you list of trees on here and i am interested in black oxford and sweet sixteen scions

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Yes I for sure have the two varieties. What kind do you grow in apples maybe peach or plums too?. Are you in the southern Ontario area? I am close to Tillsonburg