Pear scion wood

I’m in Massachusetts, Is it too late in the year to buy scion wood and if it isn’t what is a good source to purchase from? Pear tree scion.

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It’s getting pretty late in the year but there are a few nurseries with some scions in stock eg.

European Pear Scionwood

Certainly there are maybe a few others Scionwood sources but the time to buy scion wood this year has nearly passed.

It may be too late to collect it (except in far northern areas), but anyone having some in refrigerated storage may be able to come through for you.

I have some Anjou and Bartlett in the fridge. I’m not sure if they’re ideal scions or not (size wise). My trees aren’t huge yet. I was just going to practice my grafts. You can have some if you want.


I have ordered from fruitwood nursery (Euro pear link that Clark posted) and their scionwood has been great. I just checked and they have a lot of pear scions left. You need to scroll through their list as it is alphabetical rather than putting what is in stock at the top. Their customer service was also stellar.

Good luck with your grafting!

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Thanks @nan

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