Looking for Canada plum seedlings and mail-order source for Redhaven peach

Looking for Canada plum seedlings. I found one Canadian source but they are only 8" tall. Would like to grow them with the Pembina plums that I am getting that are 3-5" tall. Also looking for a source for Redhaven peaches. I have one source but I need to buy 40 trees. I don’t want to try with 40 trees as they are not really for this zone but someone did grow them successfully further south of me.

I bought one several years ago from forestfarm.com, but it looks like now they only have “Bounty” as far as prunus nigra goes, which I understand is not a good pollinator. The original item number for their wild canadian plum was prni082, maybe you could email them and ask if they still have any. I think they had it in their catalog every year until this past year. When I got mine it was a good size. Deer ate it back a couple times but it came back and I now have Toka, Kahinta and Methley grafted onto it also.

Thank you for your reply. However I need a Canadian source as getting trees over the border is difficult. How do you like the flavour of Toka?

Where are you located?

Getting a pollinator for the cultivated P. Americana and P. Canadensis hybrids is a pain in a half! I had the exact same issue when I planted a community orchard in Alberta. Likely those little plum seedlings are your only source. And if its the nursery I dealt with, they will only sell you a couple because they are the only nursery that has them; they have to collect the seeds from wild trees way far away from cultivated trees to ensure that what they sell you is not another pollen sterile hybrid.

It’s true, the wonder cultivated varieties are all over the nurseries in three gallon pots, but you still have to wait for your tiny pollinator to grow up before you benefit from them. You might as well buy the small hybrid plum trees from the same company and save some money instead of buying a big one that isn’t going to produce until you baby wild plum grows up.

Look on the bright side. Your trees will probably grow up and produce if you can get the bloom of your hybrids to overlap with your native plum. Here in Georgia most plum trees die of stem canker before they get old enough to produce much. So plums are a challenge there and they are an even bigger challenge here.

God bless.