Looking for Disease resistant Granny Smith like apple

Would like suggestions for the most disease resistant apple with similar taste and storage qualities of the Granny Smith apple. Growing Zone of 5 here in Canada. Have a lot of issues with scab.



Based on some of the reviews, one of the candidates is Topaz or Crimson Topaz.

There is a thread about tart and tasty apple a while back,

I had a Topaz apple recently from a farmer’s market, it’s a great apple that, to me at least, had a bit of a peach flavour on the end, I really enjoyed it.

@Farmer if you decide on Topaz and get a lead on it in Canada, let me know, I’d like to get a Topaz tree.

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Northwest Greening would fit the bill except it is said to be susceptible to scab. I’ve eliminated scab in my orchard, so don’t have any first hand knowledge of how affected it would be.

It has the sweet tart taste and stores for 3 months. It also ripens earlier than Granny Smith which is nice for up north.

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I have scab-immune “Greensleeves” from Raintree. Apples are big and sweet-tart.

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