Looking for fruit buds and happiness

As things start to wind down this fall I have turned my attention toward looking for larger buds that will flower next spring. I sometimes think I’m obsess over trying to get my small orchard into a more productive state. I’t seems to be a slow process for someone that is accustomed to working hard and getting instant result. The flip side is that when I spend time with my fruit trees I always finish with a good feeling that I have had quality time doing something I truly enjoy. Hope everyone enjoys this hobby as much as I do. Bill


Nothing better.


I know the feeling. Not a hobby for someone who doesn’t have eternal patience. A zen-like activity.


Me, too, Bill. I tend obsess with trying to carve out more time to spend on my trees.

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How did your primocane blackberries do this year? We had high heat and drought and I got almost nothing this year.

I saw fruit buds on my smaller pawpaw trees this fall so I am excited, they may not fruit but at least I will be able to pollinate my older tree.

Looks like you and I got about the same results. The few berries I did get were large and fairly sweet. The Freedom berry is supposed to ripen ahead of my Natchez which should mean it ripens before it gets so hot. If the Freedom either ripens early or provides a few late berries it will have a place at my home. I still think it will take a couple of years to decide it’s value. Five of my freedoms are about 3-4’ going into fall so I should get a pretty good feel for how well the spring berry’s do. Good luck with your. Bill

Well sex, drugs and R&R, then fruit trees!

Zen and The Art of Fruit Tree Maintenance :u6e80:

I had a great year. You should try boysenberry, fruits very early. Fantastic berries. Trailing though. I have found the trailing types taste fantastic A royal PITA though. Especially the thorny ones, which of course taste the best.
Mine ripened in late June though July. Which may be too hot? This photo was taken July 20th, but first harvest was June 20th. In various stages of ripeness. Almost black are sweet, this was for jam, so I like to include under ripe fruit for more flavor and bite in a jam. I have to protect these as they are not really hardy in zone 6.


Your summer crop on Freedom will not be effected by the heat, it will be loaded with fruit. They have a hard time blooming in high heat that’s why the fall crop is so small. Mine start blooming in July and August and they struggle with that. Mine are in full sun and I thought I may add a shade cloth mid summer to help add more blooms. The few berries I do have in the fall are always heavily attacked by stink bugs.

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That is great news. I most likely will add several more of these next year. Bill

They have no downside over the other Arkansas blackberries with the added benefit of a fall crop. If you are adding more plants I would suggest trying Navaho, it’s my favorite.