Looking for GA866 or Lang Jujube scions?

I have 1 Li tree which sets so much flowers, but no fruits yet.
Would like to graft different variety and see if it helps pollinate.

If anyone can send it, please let me know. I can share my address and pay the shipping charges.
Of if anyone can point to a place where I can get jujube scions, that would be appreciated too.

Thanks in advance.

Fruitwood Nursery has both the varieties.


I recently received jujube scions from them. They are around pencil thick. Each has 4-5 buds.

I’m very happy with all the scions I received from them.

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Thanks a lot Z9Gardener. Appreciate it.

What grafting technique would you recommend for Jujube?

Thanks again!

I’m new to grafting jujube too. I plan to use cleft graft as it’s what I’m familiar with. Also, the diameter of the of the branches I’m grafting to is not big enough for bark graft.

I might try banana graft on one branch as I haven’t done it before.