Looking for Niabell Table Grape Vine

Hi guys, I’ve been in search for my mom’s favorite grape. I believe it’s not a rare variety, just maybe not as popular as the Concords, Thompson’s seedless.

None of the nurseries in my area (Southern California) seem to carry this, some haven’t even heard of it. I’ve called over 30 nurseries to no avail. I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction. Really hoping to locate one before this bareroot season passes.

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.


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Willis Orchard appears to have them in stock: https://www.willisorchards.com/product/niabell-bunch-grape-vine#.XdRFvuhKhPY

Thanks Zombie. Yeah they will be my last resort. I literally had 2 bareroot vines in my cart before I checked out and decided I should at least try to find locally before going online.

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Also, google Scoop on Willis Orchard before buying from this nursery. It often has more negative than positive reviews.

Scoop on + the name on a nursery is a good way to check out a reputation of that nursery before buying from it.

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I actually noticied that as well mamuang. Lots of reports of dead trees…Hopefully I can find a different source so I won’t have to risk that

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I sort of have it. I bought it for myself, but I planted it across the street at my best friend’s house because she really wanted it. I prune it most years around Early to mid January.

I think less folks grow it because its a tetraploid and harder to start from cuttings than diploid grapes and it’s better to graft onto a diploid rootstock.

I am in SoCal and attend a few CRFG scion exchanges each year. I plan to go to the O.C. one for sure and I can bring some cuttings to that one.