Looking for - small ornamental tree for wet area


I had a Higan cherry there but it died. Upon some further research the area tends to run a bit on the wet side. Not swampy, but it doesn’t drain as well as most of the yard. I’m looking for a small ornamental tree or large shrub, preferably something that blooms, they can tolerate my borderline zone 6/7 climate, and doesn’t mind at least occasional wetness.

The only thing I can think of is possibly Lagerstroemia if I plant it high enough.


Good spot for native elderberry


Most any dogwood would likely do well


Salmonberry likes wet places, but the fruits are not great.


Pussy willow, hardy hibiscus, maybe black currant?


aronia/ black chokeberry has nice dark green leaves and red fall foliage as well as edible berries… loves wet conditions and tolerates hard pruning. you want some fall cuttings let me know. they root very easily.


Button bush.
Autumn olive
redtwig dogWoods


Pawpaw trees, elderberries, and blueberries come to mind.