Looking for strawberry that doesn't spread much

I am looking for strawberry that doesn’t produce runners every year. I have white Alpine strawberry, but the berries there very small, I am looking for something closer to the regular strawberries in size. Do you know any?

Even though strawberries come back year after year you really cant expect more then 3-5 years out of a plant before Verticillum Wilt build up makes the bed toxic. You then have to rotate something not wilt harboring into that spot for 2 years.

3-5 years may be all I need. I am filling spot around new tree, and in 3-5 years it will be too shady anyway. But it is not most convenient location to deal with runners.

Maybe ground cover raspberries then?


Or winter green


I already have raspberries, even too much of them, thanks.

Those ground cover ones are a different species. I have to try them sometime. More like strawberries than raspberries in growth habit. I never heard of any that don’t run except some alpines. Some alpines have more runners than regular strawberries. I bought some and have been trying to rid myself of them to no avail.

The most prolific alpine as far as fruit and it forms new clumps, no runners is Reine des Vallees. Hard to find except for seed. The next best, not as productive but clumps, doesn’t run is Alexandria.