Looks like Raintree has started their spring shipments

Just got a notification that some pawpaws I ordered in August (not realizing pawpaw was a spring-shipped item at the time) are on the way. Couldn’t they have waited until after the big freeze next week?? I’m sure the pawpaws will be fine, but still seems an odd choice to do this now, on a Friday.

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Yeah, I think the recent management change at Raintree evidently lacks something to be desired. (But, they do have a lot of varieties of stuff).

I take back my criticism, my pawpaw sticks have arrived already.


Figured the best spot for them during next week’s cold spell is in the ground. Leaf buds still look totally dormant, so that’s good.


Pretty much everything from raintree seems to be sold out already as well. As for me they told me they have blacklisted me from the website at this point anyway. I could not decide on cherry trees so every time I had to cancel the trees. I eventually went with cherry trees from grow organic peaceful valley and at that point they told me they could not take orders from me at that point. I do agree I switched a lot but they are the only place I am blacklisted from. They told me they would ship to me here in Colorado in April which while early is not too early if it has not broken dormancy.

Good to know. I ordered a cherry tree from them.