Lopsided apple tree

my 4 yr old y. transparent has most of its branches on one side of the tree. the other side has some higher up but none lower down. its so unbalanced i had to stake it down on the lighter side to keep it from leaning over. i would like to graft several scions on the bare side to try and balance the tree. i have quite a few grafts on the other branches so prefer not to have to remove any from one side if i can. what kind of graft could i use? ive seen the Russians post drill grafting vids on youtube but it looks pretty damaging to the tree.

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Have you considered notching the bare side to encourage limb growth? Steven/Skillcult describes it at around 9 minutes and I know the forum has mentioned it a good bit. Iā€™m going to try it in the spring on the bare side of some of my trunks.


thank you. i knew there was a way just didnt remember where i saw it.