Loring vs Redhaven

Is there much difference between these two? One sweeter or one firmer than the other?

I don’t grow either but loring is redhaven +3 weeks which is a good reason to have both. they’re both mentioned in this oklahoma pub:

the pub gives loring “resistant” to bacterial leaf spot and redhaven only “tolerant”. and loring gets 5/5 for quality with redhaven at 4/5

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Wow thank you for this. Lots of great information. Really appreciate it.

I’ve had Loring for years and Redhaven I put in this year. To me Loring is a top tier peach. Redhaven has not fruited for me to try yet.

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Have you seen @olpea’s peach report. He listed both. He has a peach farm and very knowledgeable about peaches.

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I’ve grown both for some time. Loring is very slightly a better eating quality peach, as grown here south of KC. It is very slightly firmer. However, these differences are so small, it’s generally not worth mentioning.

Like any peach, if Redhaven ripens subsequent to a lot of rain, it will wash the flavor out of the peach. This is rare, but has happened in my climate. I’ve never seen this happen with Loring because it ripens in the absolute driest time of the year here.

If you live in the desert, I suspect Redhaven would be of equivalent quality to Loring, because rain wouldn’t be an issue.

Loring is a bigger peach than Redhaven, but not excessively so.

Loring is a much more finicky producer than Redhaven. The slightest frost will pretty much wipe out Loring, whereas Redhaven will keep on churning out peaches. Even in the best of years, Loring sets lightly here, while Redhaven will prodigiously overset. I suspect that’s why Loring peaches are generally bigger.

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Red Haven is the standard for peaches. Kind of like how everything cherries is compared to Bing. If you want decent peach without doing research on peach varieties it will do. Kind of like how with cherry varieties there are better cherries like black gold or white gold there are better peaches like the donut peach for sweetness or the Indian Free if you have the season for it. I asked about Indian Free here and people told me I did not have the season for it so ended up not getting it but hear it is a great peach if you love acid.

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