Losing text from posts

As I responded to Alan’s last post, I have had the computer drop text that was just typed before the little saved message comes up on the bottom of the page. The text disappears along with the cursor back to the previous saved typing. Is it me and my computer or website?

I think I’ve had something like that which I think may be caused by bumping the control key when I’m trying to hit the shift key, but honestly, I’m not sure.

But I am pretty sure that sometimes the computer decides to stop responding while it “saves” my message part way through, and I don’t catch on to it right away. That can be confusing.

And annoying.
The reason I was curious is I’m not seeing it on other places. Maybe they’re censoring me. That would be entertaining!


That has happened to my replies a few times.What I did was leave that window open and then open a new growingfruit.org and from I can remember,either my saved message will be there or it will come up when going to the thread I was responding to. Brady

That happens to me some, but I thought it was a glitch in my computer, or I hit some wrong keys. Now I’m not so sure.

@scottfsmith , have you ever seen this?

I’m not sure what is happening. Is the whole window at the bottom you type into disappearing? I have that happen, it is from accidentally hitting the ESC key. Just hit the little icon in the lower left and the window will come back. If its something else I don’t know what it is. Maybe if you take a screen shot next time it happens I can see what you are talking about.

For me Scott, the issue is (that I recall, which details may not be accurate) is that I lose the window and text, until the last saved point. It’s happened enough that I’ve thought and mouthed bad words at times, but always assumed it was my computer or some keys I accidentally hit. I don’t think I ever hit the esc key because it is so far to the top left, but wondered if it was some combination of keys I was hitting at the same time which did it.

Perhaps that’s still the best explanation, but this thread had me wondering.

Probably the best way I could describe it, too.

I wonder if your wifi / internet signal drops out for a bit. You are typing . . . but it’s just not posting. ? And then when your signal connects again - perhaps your message picks up where you were, when last connected. Just an idea.

Reflecting on this, I realize I also have the problem when I’m writing a letter on GMail- and that says “operator error” to me. It always seems to happen when I’ve done something with my left little and fourth fingers.

Anybody else?