Lotus finally bloom

I got these seeds from
Sophia back in April and here they are blooming now :bouquet:


Wow in only 5 months, that’s impressive. I always thought lotus took longer to mature from seed.


They do like the Urea Nitrogen fertilize


Beautiful. How will you keep it during the winter?

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Dig up the tubers and store them in saw dust until spring in my basement.


Are they in soil in a pot under the water?

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I filled 1/2 of the container with a bag of black garden soil from Home Depot or any black garden soil should work and the top half with water.

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Lucky you. We returned from Viêt Nam with some lotus seeds and only put them into water on March 27, 2020 and got those results. No flower unfortunately and autumn is already here in Stukely-Sud, zone 4b/5 in Canada. But having those huge and beautiful leave to look at during our short summer season is a big reward for us! One flower, even a small bud, and would be complete madness around the swimming pool!!!

We do have professional LED lights and will try to revive them in the garage next February and see the results for next year!

Marc in Stukely-Sud (somewhere in the Great White North that is quite a lot warmer than 25 years ago… but lotus flowers growing in pots are still a dream, not reality…)


I would drop the pot into a pond…if you have one. They will overwinter at zero, probably 15 below.

So the waterin the pond can freeze on top.

I started with roots in May and still no aerial leaves.
O well - maybe next year.
I’m at the base of the cliff of the learning curve RE growing lotus.

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