Low chill european plums?

Has anyone worked out which European plums (if any) are productive in low chill environments? While not purely low chill, here is the fruit set on the prunes at the Saratoga (SF Bay area) heritage orchard after a warm winter. The curator believes these to be the French improved variety.


There is enough evidence to say French Improved and Muir Beauty are productive in the Bay Area. Reine des Mirabelle and Parfum de Septembre bloomed this year on one year grafts but didn’t produce any fruits. Andy Mariani mentioned Golden Transparent gage and Late Muscatelle are worth a try but no data on them yet


That looked like French Improved. Last year my tree was loaded and I did not thin. This year this is what I got from my French Improve.

Two plums!!

Hope whoever own that tree will do some thinning.

I think @Stan grows several E plums. He may be able to let you know about the low chill varieties that work well there.

Not all of California is low chill. We got 920 chill hours (between 45 and 32) this winter.