Luisa Plum Grafts

After 5 years, I’ve finally given up on Flavor Queen, and just top
grafted it over to Luisa plum. I just did these a few minutes ago.
I use a little different technique, in that I don’t use any pruning
sealer. I wrap the grafts in vinyl tape, and then place an air tight
plastic bag over the grafts and secure them to the tree. The growth
on the right are Flavor Grenade grafts that I did last year using the
same technique. I did a total of 17 grafts, 14 barks and 3 clefts.


You’re brave enough to air tight it. If it were me, I put a couple of small holes on the bag, instead of air tight, otherwise, the trapped heat will cook the grafts. It can still slow down transpiration but then the heat build up won’t be too much.

It’s still cool enough, where the grafts won’t cook. By the time it
heats up, the grafts will have taken, and then I remove the bags.

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I use the press and seal product. It’s almost like a giant piece of parafilm. You can wrap without trapping much air, and the product is white and reflects all heat (and light). Something is red because it absorbs the red spectrum. White objects reflect all light hence it appears white. Black objects absorb all color spectrum’s hence black and tends to be hot from absorbing all that light.

I like the idea of trapped air though to actually heat the graft a touch in the cold spring. My method would be better when it’s hot out.