Luvin My Fall Harvest Breakfast

Some cold cloudy weather figs and I spit most of them. I did try a Miracle berry
nestled somewhere hidden in there somewhere, but it could not even make
that Black Madeira up to grade. Think I harvested 7 cultivars of Kaki
persimmon today and several were pure bliss. Some very late and last of
the Che and Muscadines hanging around, the Last Korean Giant Asian pear
and for you southerners a rock hard Keiffer pear and some Black Walnuts.
This was just a sampling. I ate a Pomegranate and some Native persimmon
on the spot so they did not make the photo. Love the fall such
rewarding time of year.


Its funny how climates differ, my Korean Giants were all gone over a month ago, but my persimmons are in a similar stage (or even less ripe).

My Korean Giant was probably best a month ago as well. I am still trying to master the best picking time on many things. It surprising how decent an Asian pear can taste picked a month premature. Last year I know I pick many too early based on the ones I picked later. This year I just left some hanging and kept trying them every week or so. They don’t really seem to rot from center like Euros if left to long. My larger Korean Giant at my other location I left maybe too long, It was mauled severely by a bear, and he didn’t really wait until they were ripe

What a neat photo and nice harvest at a time most people are about done for the year! I’m curious…why did you say you spit out most of the figs? I have had several very late figs this year (my only fruit :frowning: ) and they looked like yours. They weren’t as good as those I picked when it was still hot and sunny, but they certainly weren’t “spiters”. What was wrong with yours?

Also, my very late figs have been attacked by a pest I’ve never had a problem with and which are usually considered a good thing by gardeners…lady bugs! They have completely covered some figs and eaten big chuncks out of them. I’d never seen that b4. Anyway, great harvest, phil.


Those looked delicious. My figs could not ripe in time when frost hit. Never tried che fruit. What does it taste like?

What tree did that $50 bill come from? Can I have the scionwood, please? :smiley:


I did not spit them all but I had some great figs this year, these just didn’t hold up to them or the prime persimmon I had in front of me. I have had over a week of constant clouds and drizzle with some downpours mixed in no sun to develop sugars and the SWD spotted wing drosophila seem to love damp and cool weather and have spoiled many. I don’t think these had SWD maggots but I have eaten a few this year.

The che have a watermelon taste to me, some folks say cotton candy or fig. I can’t taste the fig, maybe the Cotton Candy if I focus. If not allowed to fully ripen they are very bland. The color up well prior to ripe. I posted in a recent che thread some more info.

The $50 was on purpose as I thought why cheapen those fall blessings with a $1 bill:)