M111 natural fruit

Has anyone ever grown an M111 rootstock to maturity? Wondering what the actual fruit quality would be. Not expecting much quality but would be interesting to hear from anyone who has done this whether on purpose or through accident/neglected old tree where the top died.
Going to be putting some in to propagate roots from this year but might let one go just for fun.



This link shows the m111 apple if you are interested in seeing it but no real details on eating quality.


Thanks Preston appreciate it!

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Oh, neat! I wonder if that’s what one of my mystery abandoned apple trees is. I revisited it recently and discovered that there was another variety of pretty tasty apple coming off the same roots. What I’d originally presumed was the grafted variety looks more like that photo.

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Burr knots might be a good clue. M111 tends to develope them on its trunk.