M111 root, Bud9 interstem, scion and root developement

These two originated from M111 sprouts that were pull up and they still had a few roots attached. They were double grafted about February 2020 and planted in an undesirable location for backups. In this case the approximate 6" interstem was planted slightly above soil level so the tape could be removed from both connections during the summer. As you can see the M111 developed some roots up to almost soil level. If I decide to use these later I will probably plant them with about 1" of the Bud 9 interstem showing. Thought these might be of some interest if you are considering using interstems.

Left is M111/B9/Liberty. Right is M111/B9/control cross of Jonagold and Big Red June.


Planting like this is supposed to suppress suckering right? I was thinking about doing my first interstems next year. M111 seems like a beast. I planted some root cuttings this year as an experiment and one sent up growth.


I think that this is my last interstem that was intended to be planted with B9 under ground. It’s not very big. Again this started out as a pulled sprout with a small root. Two years later without much care it is still small but the B9 has started rooting. It is now in a pot and when I plant again I plan to put a little more B9 under the soil.

Good luck.