M111 rootstock

Not sure where to post this but does anyone know where I can get some M111 or even M106 rootstocks this late in the season? Thank you.

At this point I hate to say it but a lot if not all of tree stuff online is basically finishing their stuff. The online nursery will more than likely finish shipping their stock by end of April here in zone 5 for trees. By July Raintree will be selling their next years plants and rootstock, by September places like Bay Laurel and Grow Organic peaceful valley will be selling their stock and by mid November One Green World will be selling their new stock. I think you likely are falling where I fell last year where you just missed the deadline.

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If you need just a small few and are desperate enough, I noticed Lowes and Home Depot (at least in the St. Louis area) have all of their semi-dwarfs on M111. Buy them now and get their 1yr warranty and maybe graft onto some of the branches, or you can keep an eye out for the ones that aren’t doing so well and get a discount, in which case it is just a very expensive root stock with a chance it is already toast.


I have some M111 available.


Awesome thank you! You were one of the first places I checked. I’ve done business with you in the past and been very pleased. I swore it said out of stock this am. Am I mistaken or did you update it?

I added some more. Less Grafting work for me to do lol.


I’m surprised the label tells this much. Of course, 11 is closer to standard than dwarf, so is sometimes called semi-standard. Managing it is about the same as managing a standard and unlike managing a dwarf.

Man, you’ve been with us all these years and I was unaware of your existence, glad to know it now. I’ll check you out late summer. Please compose a list of your favorite varieties sometime. It will be educational and might also drum up some sales.