Mabolo Velvet Apple/Velvet Persimmon

My buddy in HI said that it’s got “the consistancy is like a peach & tastes like a cross between a peach & bubble gum! …It is an endangered tree species, native to the Philippines where it is protected by law.”


cool, never heard of it before. fuzz mutation in the persimmon family suggests some unique genetics.


really cool the genus Diospyros! Perhaps the most cosmopolitan of all genera of fruit trees, with Diospyros being native to temperate usa(virginiana), and native to ultratropical philippines(discolor), and native to kalahari desert of africa(lycioides)

just like other exotic asian fruits as jackfruit, durian, etc, mabolo is one more which may overpower the sense of smell even though alluring to the sense of taste…

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