Make Cider/Perry with Kieffer Pears?

Cider friends: who has tasted hard cider/perry from 100% Kieffer pears?

Would it be better blended with a true perry pear that has acid and tannin?

Does anyone grow a disease resistant true perry pear?


Last year I had a similar problem. Loads of Bartlett pears. I juiced them along with several pounds of crab apples (growing wild all over in my location) to add the tannins missing in sweet pears. The wine turned out very good. I back sweetened at bottling to make it sparkling.


@Sparty Thanks for report. Roughly what % crabs- 10 to 20% ish?

I wish I had notes. I chose crabapples that had a nice sweet yet dry/puckering taste to them. I would guess 10-20%.


You had a chance to try yet Hambone? I’ve kept my young Kieffer growing out of curiosity for Perry or cider blending. Nobody in this house actually likes to eat pears. But if blends OK might be worth keeping.

Am no longer in touch with the owners of the Kieffer, sorry.