Make Cider/Perry with Kieffer Pears?

Cider friends: who has tasted hard cider/perry from 100% Kieffer pears?

Would it be better blended with a true perry pear that has acid and tannin?

Does anyone grow a disease resistant true perry pear?


Last year I had a similar problem. Loads of Bartlett pears. I juiced them along with several pounds of crab apples (growing wild all over in my location) to add the tannins missing in sweet pears. The wine turned out very good. I back sweetened at bottling to make it sparkling.


@Sparty Thanks for report. Roughly what % crabs- 10 to 20% ish?

I wish I had notes. I chose crabapples that had a nice sweet yet dry/puckering taste to them. I would guess 10-20%.

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