Make some Vinegar

Want to make any fruits into vinegar? Anyone who picked cherries in hurry and now your looking for a way to use them I’ve got the recipe your looking for! If you grow romance cherries, Carmine jewell or Montgomery I’m proably talking to you! These cherries really have a tendency to over produce! Cherry vinegar for salad dressings among other things is easy to make.

See how it works below


Clark I just posted about household items to use for fruit growing, and you are posting about fruit growing to use as household items… The cycle continues!!! :grin:


Vinegar will be a unique way to use up some of the frozen cherries… thanks for the idear🙃


my excess aronia should make some high antioxidant, great probiotic vinegar. i use vinegar for disinfecting as well. my wife complains about the smell but i remind her its better than breathing the smell of bleach which isnt very good for you. have you seen the cost of vinegar lately? its shot up from $1 a gal. pre covid to now $5 a gal.! crazy! ill be making my on from now on. will add even more taste to my pickled , fermented veggies. the used fruit will keep my chics healthy and parasite free also. win, win!

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I want to do it with redflesh and other apples and persimmon vinegar too…


Banana vinegar is pretty good still had some sweetness
although a accident

I had another mishap Mexican Hawthorn Vinegar (tejocote )
the thing is it sat fine , but now a white mold is on top (not the mother)
and was topped up to the spout of the bottle.

I know wine can get flowers of wine (mycoderma)

I suppose it was not strong enough

to be honest I know it was not
(wine needs air to complete the first stages at least
it was not a strong enough (wine or vinegar )

Just keep that in mind if you have a vinegar that is not complete (use it up)

On the other hand the banana has some sweetness still it is many years old too.


i have a aronia/ mint one going right now. i added sugar like you would for a wine. i give it a stir every morning and no mold so far. its been going on 5 days now and its bubbling like crazy!

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