Making corn syrup - how to use all the corn plant

Many have grown sweet corn all their lives but they may not know everything there is to know about it. A friend of mine grows it more for the sap than he grows it for the corn. This video will demonstrate how that is done. Never saw anyone bring it up on any forums so i thought i would share.

This discusses corn cob syrup that can be made from the cobs.

If animals are part of the farm sileage is typically made from the plant


On topic of how to use all the corn plant… i saw that they were selling ground corn cobs at Rural King for bedding.

I cant find much info on grinding up the spent stalks for mulch… is there much nutrition in spent stalks? I am thinking of running mine thru my chipper.

Finally… saw someone post somewhere at some point that worms favorite meal is corncobs. Can actually attract worms with them… if u put them in a worm bin they go on a feeding frenzy and multiply after feeding.

For profit… fodder shocks may sell for more than corn in the right venue. Lots of selfies and attention for fall loving city dwellers.




The way i ground corn years ago cobs and all and sometimes plants to is with my hammer mill hooked up to the pto on my tractor. Thats about the same as a wood chipper but you might attach a gunny sack on the end and drop it into a wheel barrow. If you dont have a gunny sack or flour sack a pillow case with an end cut off would likely work.