Making fish Emulsion / Hydrolysate fertilizer

Ive done this before but dont think Ive posted about it. Caught a bunch of pike yesterday so starting a new batch. Loosely base my recipe on instructions found at

5 gallon bucket about 3/4 full of fish (skins, heads, guts etc)
10 cups of sugar dissolved in 10 cups boiling RO water (added to bucket with fish scraps)
5 tablets of Lacto starter (I used Probiotic 10)


I blended the Lacto tablets with 4 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar and let set for an hour before adding it to my existing fish/sugar concoction. Added RO water until contents was about 2 inches from the top/lid.

Put lid on bucket with a small hole to allow gasses to escape and put in my 40f garage to ferment. will update occasionally, last time entire batch was liquified within a few months…


i did mine w/ blackstrap molasses and just added a shovel of compost. worked pretty good. took most of the summer to break down completely. does the probiotic help it break down faster?

i think it initiates the fermentation process, like adding yeast to grape juice…