Male Mulberry?

This is the third year in the ground for this tree. No fruit last year but I thought that was because of my hard pruning. It is labeled as a Pakistan Mulberry from a local nursery. Is this a male Mulberry by any chance?


do you have photo of the entire tree?

would you have pictures of other nodes that have leafed out? Maybe some are bearing inflorescences/catkins which we could assess

My pak went several years before doing anything. They must be a little slower than regular mulberry.

Here you go

These are the only leafed out buds. I’ll report back in a couple of weeks.

That’s not my experience. In my previous home, the tree took off the first year and fruited the next year. Actually gave one tiny fruit same year as planting.

Mine is a tissue culture on it’s own roots. It was a monster before it did anything.

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In fact, it fruited even off the tree!

dw wilson has two pakistans
one its own roots that probably what you have i dont know if it Tc as someone mention or from cutting
and one grafted
i dont even know why DW has two type instead of just one to avoid the confusion.

I think it’s a female tree

Found a pic from my previous home. First thing poking out is the fruit.


hopefully the tree on the original post will have a node producing the inflorescence shown in your latest photo. At a certain size/stage of inflorescence we’d be able to tell if it is a female(actual berry), or a male catkin.

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I don’t know much about male mulberries and how to identify them. However, my experience with Pakistan is similar to your first one. Fruits on each node on the old wood and precocious. I thought I had a grafted one but I did let some branches from below the graft union grew so I can graft other varieties on them. I didn’t get to for some of them and their fruits resembled Pakistan as well. I’m not sure if mine was grafted.

On my mulberry the fruit showed before the leaves. Also it fruited first year.

When can we see the inflorescence develop?

has this tree fruited/blossomed before? It obviously isn’t producing any berries this year. Berries(or catkins, if male) should appear with first leaves upon bud break…

Never fruited or flowered before.

I don’t believe weather would be a contributor. It got down to 32F for an hour or so for a few nights during bud break. But that’s not too bad, right?

even if it did get down to 32F, the berry or catkin may still unfurl at bud break, albeit deformed or damaged. From the size of branches i predict will blossom next year. Hopefully it gets plenty hours of direct sunshine.

mulbs may(very rarely) bear a few berries later in the growing season, as if they were figs(their cousins). But with mulbs, the first crop(from old growth aka breba equivalent) is more productive and of better quality.

forgot to say, don’t prune your tree, at least not yet as mulbs need to have seasoned wood. You can start pruning once your tree produces substantial amounts of berries. From my experience with paks, the first berries are borne at the lowest rungs, being closest to the oldest and thickest wood(the trunk).
A growth and developmental habit similar to jackfruit, their tropical cousin