Mandarin bigger than grapefruit?

Tree being outside got hit with a 25 m. wind got broken. Going to leave on the counter for a few days.wonder what the inside looks like. Kind of late for mandarins still on the tree. Have several trees still carry a few fruit.


Hi! It’s the king mandarin?

Just peel this mandarin and had it tested by 4 women, including my wive.
All like it a lot and gave a 8/9 rating.


Is that one of the TDE series? (Tahoe Gold™/etc.)

Either way, an impressive size! Looks as big as a large shiranui, maybe bigger.

Tahoe is actually the smallest of the TDE SERIES. This one is a Shasta mandarin. This Shasta is way bigger than a Shiranui.

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Wasn’t asking if that was specifically Tahoe Gold, just clarifying what I meant by the TDE series. So is that one of the TDE or some other mandarin? I know you’ve given high praise to the TDEs before.

Interesting, are they normally that big or just happen to be a few fruits on the tree.
Speaking of shiranui, reikou “れいこう” and setoka “せとか” are also varieties with large fruit, about 80 mm to reikou (like shiranui) and 90 mm to setoka.

They are normally smaller if you leave too many on the tree. My tree’s are kept small to fit in my Greenroom in the winter. Might get 8 or 10 fruits per tree. I grow about 2 dozen citrus trees.

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Bob, how old is your tree?

Got one that’s 12 years old all others are about 7. No new ones! Most are my own grafted trees. I now grow about 36 citrus trees. Mandarin, Pomelo’s and a few lemons.


I have 2 small Shasta trees, I didn’t think the fruits were that good, just average. But it is a small tree. I better graft some up on my larger trees. So far, of the TDEs I like the Yosemite Gold flavor/taste the best. I ate many fruits from a friend’s large tree and its very sweet with some spicy/tartness. Better than any of the mandarins I grow. I have over 60 varieties of citrus, had 80+ before I got rid of some. The Xie Shen is also very good but has no spicy/tart taste. My largest mandarin is the Miyagawa, Shiranui (1.3-1.4 lbs), and Kiyomi.