Manzano peppers?

All this pepper talk has me hot :crazy_face: lol
If someone has a few extra Hab seeds they could send my way, I’d happily cover shipping :hot_pepper::hot_pepper:

going to have to compost down some wood chips just for soil amendments.

@Calron, pm me your address. what varieties of habs have you grown?

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PM sent.

I’ve grown the red,yellow and orange rocoto type peppers. They are hands down my favorite to grow and to cook with,from the purple flowers and fuzzy leaves to the thickness of the flesh. they are also really hard for me to start from seed.After 26 days in starting mix I only got 3 red and two yellow to start growing. All my other pepper types are doing fine (25 types). Do you have any pointers for Pubescens.

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@chefmon, Pubescens are a crapshoot for me, some germinate quick and others not so quick. no special techniques just patience.

Have you ever tried the damp paper towel in a ziplok bag method?


No but that is my next step,and I am going to try the double cup method following germination. this will be a little bit of a late start but I plan to try to over winter the best ones of the lot. Some years I barley get them to ripen before the first frost here in NewHampshire.this is the first year from seed for me. the last few I had to get live plants online and that can get pricey. thank you for the reply.

just planted 4 pepper varieties i got from podpiper under my leds in my grow room. got them on heat mats. hopefully i get enough to grow out in my greenhouse this spring.

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Do you have your lights on right now to germinate?

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yes. 14hr. lights on.

you dont need any lights until they sprout. a heat mat would b a great investment though. i germinate all pepper seeds between 86 and 90 degrees +/- a few deg.

i have them on heat mats also. got the lights on because i have alpine strawberry seeds in there and they need light to germinate.

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Hey Everybody, Rocoto type peppers are on my bucket list to try sometime…just a question about their heat level. Above is the statement “they will burn your face off” so does this mean much hotter than say a Habanero or just a DIFFERENT kind of heat? Wondering if chile peppers vary in their chemical makeup of components that actually produce the sensation of heat to us humans. I realize Capsaicin is the major component but could there be other minor players? Intriguing thought. Any comments??? Love to hear your guys input…Randy/GA

@randy_ga, i have grown around 50 varieties of pubescens and in my experience most if not all will indeed make you feel pain more than most habs. they are one of the more tricky peppers to get fruit fromin my climate because they seem to take longer to set fruit and ripen them, longer growing seasons may b a plus but then again longer seasons usually means hotter climate. they do not like full all day sun.

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@chefmon, did you take seeds from any of the peppers from that plant in the pic? what did they look like?

yes, the were dark black


Hi, may i have some of the Manzano seeds?

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